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L I V E   M U S I C

Grand Central is proud to support live music ... and has been doing so for over 21 years! There is always something happening at “GC” as the locals affectionately call it.


GC has live music EVERY night. (9pm ish to 1 am)

Mondays are Eddie Gaiger”s open mic night ,now a ponsonby insitution, Tuesdays are generally a soloist playing a range of classic rock/pop songs. Wednesdays alternate between the bands Hipstamatics and The Noise. Thursdays alternate with the bands Liquid Honey and Alana Goldsmith .Fridays the place rocks with Eddie Gaiger and co. Saturdays alternate with Gerry ONeil and his Celtic connection and various awesome musicians (Albi and the Wolves, Motown Gold, Jake Ebdale, Brendon Thomas and others).Sundays we wind down with a soloist .

Enjoy highlight performances through our player here.

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